Support the Wings for Life Foundation and Win a Bike Art painting + a private Trial Bike session with World Champion Kenny Belaey


  • Receive the Bike Art painting personally from the nine-time Trial Bike World Champion
  • Get insights from Kenny about his unique art
  • Experience a personal Trial Bike Session with Kenny
  • Flight and hotel for 2 persons included
  • Handover event will take place when traveling is safe again

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Michiel D. Michiel D.

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Besides competing in world championships and training hard every day, Kenny Belaey – a nine time trial bike world champion from Belgium – loves to spend his time creating art.

Paintings, more specifically. And what makes every one of his creations a unique piece, is the fact that he uses his bike as a painting brush. How his artwork comes to live? “In the first place, there’s not much thought behind it. I just start, it’s very impulsive. There are no corrections, no touching things up. My bike that does all the work.” All of his artworks are inspired by his own career, cultures that left an impression on him or people that he met.

This artwork specifically was created in honour of the Wings for Life Foundation – a worldwide charity that supports spinal cord injury research. As a high-performing athlete, Kenny is well aware of the fact that an accident can happen sooner than you think. That’s why he has been a supporter of the Wings for Life Foundation since day one. Besides running for those who can’t on May 9 in the Wings for Life World Run, he put in an extra effort by making this beautiful piece of art that you can own through a sweepstake. The profits will be donated entirely to the Wings for Life Foundation.

Donate now and support spinal cord injury research!

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The non-profit and federally recognized research foundation Wings for Life aims to find cures for all paraplegic patients worldwide.

Since 2004, Wings for Life has been using donations to fund promising research projects and clinical trials to heal the injured spinal cord.

There is definitely a legitimate hope for healing traumatic paraplegia. This is because science agrees that injured nerve cells in the spinal cord are capable of regeneration. Paraplegia is not one of the so-called widespread diseases, and investments costing millions for relatively few people affected often do not seem worthwhile enough.

The chances are increasing that the diagnosis of "paraplegia" will be a thing of the past in the future.

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