What is VIPrize?

VIPrize is a technology company with a social mission that generates donations for selected causes via its Online Fundraising Platform using the power of celebrities and social media.

The background

Many celebrities from sports and entertainment support social causes or even their own foundations. Due to their influence, celebrities have a very high reach in social media which VIPrize uses to full effect with its special fundraising mechanism to raise large amounts in a short time.

The extraordinary

VIPrize has created a charity fundraising model that everyone can use and get the chance to win a memorable experience with their favorite celebrities from the world of sport, entertainment, fashion and industry – for just a small donation.
This is in contrast to classic online auction models where the prize goes to the highest bidder only, and the cost of participation can run to tens of thousands, far exceeding what most people can afford.

Revenue Split

VIPrize is a full-service platform with the mission to increase the fundraising potential of charities, companies and celebrities. To achieve this we take care of the full implementation of the fundraising campaigns - from campaign development to the organisation of the experiences onsite. Our services include PR and marketing, graphic design, video production, handling of payment transactions, legal and accounting aspects of the campaigns, customer management, a.m.m.

In order to further develop and improve the impact of our platform, we keep a standard fee of 20% of the net campaign revenues. The chosen charity receives 80% of the net revenues.

VIPrize is guided by a mission to create a community which supports social causes and at the same time is rewarded with unforgettable experiences. If a general willingness to donate is increased through these synergy effects, then that is completely in line with our mission.