The Daniela Ryf Fund aims to improve education and healthcare in Kenya, bringing hope and opportunities to underprivileged communities in Nairobi.

  • Support of different local projects in Kenya
  • Support for education and healthcare

The Daniela Ryf Fund wholeheartedly supports various charity projects in Nairobi, Kenya, a place that is very close to Daniela's heart due to family ties. Her stepmother Sophie Ryf and her father, Hans Peter, have spent over 20 years of their lives in this incredible country.

In December 2022, Daniela and her family visited various projects in Kenya. Among them was the Paula Mercy Foundation, run by the inspiring Paula Mwangi, which cares for 30 neglected children and provides them with food, education and a safe haven.

On site, Daniela also met Gladys Njeri, a special woman who runs a school in the slums of Nairobi and supports over 700 underprivileged children every day. Her positive attitude has left a lasting impression on Daniela and her family.

The Daniela Ryf Fund is also currently working with the AFRIpads Foundation and Farm To Feed to provide high-quality, reusable sanitary towels and nutritious meals to children in both organisations. Just $5 can provide a girl with an AFRIpads kit for a year, and $14.50 will provide a child with a nutritious meal every day for a year!

The Daniela Ryf Fund aims to support various local projects in Kenya to improve education and healthcare in Kenya.