Right to Play - happy children from crisis areas
Right to Play - Kids play football

Playing is not a luxury

  • Right To Play is an international aid organization that empowers children through play & sports and creates sustainable change.
  • With 14,600 volunteer local trainers and teacher training, each year they reach two million children and teenagers with weekly activities.
  • Games make important topics tangible and help children to acquire important life skills such as self-esteem, empathy, critical thinking and teamwork.

Game and sport are not a luxury but the cornerstone of a better quality of life. Playing allows children to have fun and enjoyment. At the same time, children learn important social skills such as tolerance, fair play or self-confidence during the game, learn how to protect themselves from HIV / AIDS and malaria, and how to solve problems peacefully.

Through play and sports, they help two million children realize their potential and achieve their goals in their weekly programs. They focus on the three main areas of children's development: their education, their health and their contribution to a peaceful coexistence in their community.

The procedure of Right To Play is simple but effective. They work closely with local organizations and existing education structures in the program countries, addressing the individual challenges of local children.

Based on their core principles of inclusion, child protection and equal opportunities for girls and boys, they provide children with the knowledge and skills they need to achieve lasting social change in their communities.

A child not only needs food, water and a roof over his head. Equally important for the development and future of children are educational quality, health education and an understanding of their own rights. Through Sport & Games, Right To Play creates long-term change in the areas of education, health, peace, gender equality and child protection. Help us.