VfBfairplay children play football
VfBfairplay children during football training
VfBfairplay children penalties

Home, Youth and Football - the focus of social engagement.

Living responsibly. Showing your colors. Giving exemplary help. It’s how VfBfairplay packages its social engagement at VfB Stuttgart. This has many sides, linked under three general headings of Home, Youth and Football - irrespective of whether this means the fate of individuals or long-term cooperation projects. VfB Stuttgart always has an open ear, shows character, takes on responsibility and is exemplary in its own home of Württemberg.

The club with its distinctive red chestband shirts also offers repeated financial help for its VfBfairplay Projects. Proceeds from its charity tombola, in cooperation with VIPrize, are used mainly to help footballers with mental impairments. Since 2014, VfB Stuttgart has been the exclusive partner of the Baden-Württemberg football team, supporting equality of social involvement - whether for the impaired and the non-impaired - in sport.