Winner Daniele's son Gabriel and Felix Baumgartner
The sky is the limit...
Unforgettable insights into Hangar-7.
Joint discussions in the Mayday Bar.


Seeing the world from above with extreme sports legend Felix Baumgartner: This dream came true for winner Daniele and his son Gabriel.

They were able to spend an unforgettable day with former base jumper Felix Baumgartner at his home base in Salzburg.

From technical insights into Hangar-8 and a trip to the pilot's office to fascinating insights into learning the pilot's alphabet and keeping logbook entries - Felix was always on hand to share his extensive knowledge.

The absolute highlight was, of course, a helicopter flight with The Flying Bulls BO-105 C, where Felix not only acted as pilot, but also shared exciting information about the surroundings and the flight process with Daniele and Gabriel. This was a special moment for Gabriele in particular, as he is an aviation mechanic himself and is therefore fully immersed in the world of flying.
After a joint flight towards Lake Wolfgangsee, another highlight followed: Felix landed the helicopter on the roof of the scalaria event hotel. Here they then enjoyed dinner together and Daniele and Gabriel were able to ask Felix all their questions.

On their return, another surprise awaited the winners: a night tour of Hangar-7, where Felix was also on hand to provide them with interesting details and anecdotes. Afterwards, he generously invited all participants to the Mayday Bar, where they sat together in a cosy atmosphere and chatted animatedly into the evening hours.

Felix's attentiveness towards little Valentino was particularly remarkable. He spontaneously arranged for Valentino to receive an extra fan parcel in the post, which will surely increase the little fan's joy immeasurably.

Thanks to Daniele's fantastic donation to Wings for Life, he was not only able to experience an unforgettable day above the clouds, but also support an aid organisation that has set itself the goal of finding cures for all spinal cord injury patients worldwide.

We thank you Daniele for your donation and hope that you will remember your VIPrize experience with Felix forever!

If you would also like to support aid organisations, please take a look at our platform for further campaigns.

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