Daniel and Sandro in the stadion
Phoenix Botanical Garden
Grand Canyon
Halftime show


Only 2 weeks after the announcement of the great luck of the winners, the trip finally starts on the morning of February 9!

Arrived at the Munich airport, our winner Daniel and his buddy Sandro were welcomed by the VIPrize team and after a common Caffè said goodbye. The journey to the Big Game included a short stop in Charlotte and came to an end around 7 p.m. local time in Phoenix with an impressive sea of lights. The winners already met some other motivated football fans there. "At the Phoenix airport, you realize the magnitude of the Super Bowl for the first time," described winner Daniel. After the rental car was also picked up, the two continued by car to their hotel in Prescott.

The next morning, Daniel and Sandro started the day with a typical American breakfast and were thus prepared for their day trip to Sedona, "a beautifully situated town surrounded by red rocks, pine forests and cacti." After a great hike at the base of Cathedral Rock and lunch at the Cowboy Club (with Cactus Fries as an appetizer), the winners ended the day in Prescott with a beer at a locals' karaoke night.

The day before the Big Game was spent gathering as much Super Bowl spirit as possible. To do so, the winners drove to downtown Phoenix, where Hance Park, the creative district of Roosevelt Row and the impressive facades of the skyscrapers awaited them. NFL was in the air and it was only a few hours until the game....

Feb. 12, 2023, day of the 57th Super Bowl - an unforgettable day that Daniel and Sandro were now eagerly anticipating - had arrived. Arriving on time at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, not only the tailgaiting started at noon, but also finally the Super Bowl - Experience. Various hands-on activities for the fans, as well as stars and cheerleaders, created a heating atmosphere. Settling into the seats in Section 404 with a top view of the field, the two German football fans quickly struck up a conversation with the surrounding Eagles fan block.

The first goosebump moment occurred during the national anthem at the pregame show and was followed by a very exciting game and a killer halftime show by Rihanna. After halftime, the game took an exciting turn, so that at the end of 60 minutes, the Chiefs won the game with a field goal by Harrison Butker. What an exciting 57th NFL Final!

Due to the long journey and their first stay in the USA, they extended their trip and left for the Grand Canyon the next day. Unfortunately, due to an announced snowstorm, they had to leave the impressive natural wonder early and drove to Goldfield and Scottsdale on their last day. At the end of their trip, Daniel and company attended the NBA game between the Phoenix Suns and the Sacramento Kings at the Footprint Center - another experience on their bucket list. On 15.02 it was now time to fly back home.

Thank you so much for your donation, dear Daniel! We hope you will never forget this Super Bowl trip!